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Frequently and less frequently stated requirements by print customers

(loose list now, more structure later)

  1. Decrease font size until text fits in a given box (page size for example), but not less than n point. If we need to reduce the font size further, raise an error message during typesetting run
  2. If a paragraph starts on top of a page, it must not be indented.
  3. Arrange all products that we have on a fixed number of pages (example: 27 products on 8 pages). Allowed criteria to change in product display: change image size, change font size, re-shuffle product order. The space used should be used as good as it can be used (classical optimization problem).
  4. Product catalog in n different languages. The colored images must be exactly at the same position in every catalog ( This position is determined by the length of the text of all n languages. These texts need to be typeset to find out how long they run and then we need to look at the longest text. Then we know where to position the images. See File:Bt-en.pdf and File:Bt-de.pdf for examples.
  5. A table of contents must fill all columns. If we have enough text for say 2.5 columns, we must insert images at certain positions until the table of contents must have 3 columns. This is an example: File:Images-in-columns.pdf.
  6. (spare parts catalog) - Lots of products listed on the left page, it's unclear in advance which products will fit on the page. For the right page: the products must be sorted and duplicates removed and the product images are displayed on the right hand side. The images that don't fit on the right hand side will move to a section on the end of the catalog with cross references between those two. See this for an example: File:Customerrequirementsample.pdf.
  7. Multi page tables with subtotals displayed in header/footer
  8. Ability to span tables across columns in a multicolumn page when the table is embedded in lower level hierarchy.
  9. Ability to modify label field width in a single list when labels are large. This is a problem in formatting legislation. For example, 1.1 and 1.45678 labels can be in the same list.
  10. For journal articles paginated in two columns, automatically decide for every table whether the table is best sized as column-width, page-width, rotated to fit within one column, or rotated to fit within one page
  11. Standardized syntax for PDF Annotations for direct usage in XSL-FO code.