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RDF/OWL Semantic Web mapping for ODRL V2.0

September 2013

August 2013

Single OWL file: (now out of date)

Some Examples of use (aug. 2013)

July 2013 (stuff to ignore)

For the moment, the vocabularies are here (in Turtle format):

If you don't read somewhat badly-formatted Turtle, you could do worse than try my RDF browser to view them (though bear in mind that intra-vocab URIs won't resolve properly because they're not hosted at their own namespace locations):

RDF/XML versions:

Human Readable Ontology Documentation:

Examples of use

Please visit Examples of use for example of use of the RDF/OWL incarnation of ODRL V2.0

Feedback and Comments

Feedback from Victor 6 July 2013

September 2012 (Really Old Stuff to Ignore)

The ODRL Core Model

The ODRL Common Vocabulary

Ontology Documentation