ODRL Temporal Profile Requirements

From ODRL Initiative

ODRL Temporal Profile - Requirements

#1 Support audits

The model must support an account of history that both the data Provider and the data Consumer can agree upon through the audit process.

#2 Ensure compliance as policies update

The model must continue to support provably-correct compliance decisions in the present as policies change and update over time.

#3 Enable forecasting

The model must support an account of the future so actors in the supply chain can predict their capabilities and costs as and when updates are published.

#4 Identify the Temporal Validity of a Rule

The model must identify the start and end-dates controlling the validity of a rule

#5 Maintain Stable Identifiers

The model must support stable identifiers for Rules and Assets as they change over time.

#6 Derogation of Obligation

The model should support a mechanism for the derogation of obligations.