Meeting 2018-06-25

From ODRL Initiative

W3C ODRL Community Group Meeting

Date: Monday 25 June 2018
Time: Noon UTC
Dialin Details:


  1. Welcome and Introductions
    1. How we got to this point
  2. ODRL V2.2 Promotion and Outreach
    1. Re-ignite existing and new sectors/industries/groups
    2. Promote (and register) ODRL Profiles
  3. Nurture an ODRL implementors community
    1. Shared code
  4. W3C ODRL Recommendations errata maintenance
    1. Errata Issue List:
    2. Errata Process:
  5. ODRL Best Practices
    1. Draft Note:
  6. Nominations for additional co-chairs
  7. Plan for future ODRL V3.0


* Renato Iannella (Chair)
* David Filip
* Michael Steidl
* Antoine Isaac
* Simon Steyskal
* Jean-Noel Colin
* Nicoletta Fornara
* Sabrina Kirrane
* Victor Rodríguez-Doncel


  1. Setup new monthly teleconference (alternate between time zones) [RI]
  2. Check odrl github access rights [RI]
  3. Ask Ivan if ODRL Use Cases editors draft can become WG NOTE update [RI]
  4. Clean up the ODRL CG front page (list of Profiles etc) [RI]