Europeana/DPLA In Copyright - Educational Use Only

From ODRL Initiative

Example from the project where we're trying to solve some modeling issues on rights statements for digital cultural collections.

In Turtle RDF. I spare you the namespace declarations...

  <> a dcterms:RightsStatement , odrl:Policy ;
    skos:prefLabel "In Copyright - Educational Use Only"@en ;
    skos:definition "This digital object is protected by copyright and/or related rights. For educational uses, no additional copyright permission is required from the copyright holder. Please refer to the Data Provider for additional information."@en ;
    dc:creator: "Digital Public Library of America and Europeana Rights Working Group" ;
    dcterms:hasVersion "1.0" ;
    dcterms:modified "2014-12-18" ;
    dc:identifier "ic-edu" ;
    skos:relatedMatch premiscopy:cpr ;
    odrl:permission [
           odrl:action odrl:use ;
           odrl:constraint [
             odrl:operator odrl:eq ;
             odrl:purpose <> # This would be preferably from an existing namespace, not ours.
    ] .