Requirements Matrix

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This page summarizes a set of high-level requirements implied by the User Stories on the Music Notation Use Cases page.

Technical Requirements

Description Stories
Stable and long-lived standard MC2, MP3
Separation of semantic, visual and performance data MP4, MP6, RLP1, RLP2
Identification of media of consumption for visual, performance data MP4, MP5
Multiple rendering styles MP5, MP6
Implementable using pure web technology DEV1, DEV2
Can be created and interpreted programmatically with minimum effort DEV3, DEV4
Can be incrementally modified programmatically DEV4
Dispatches element-specific notifications of user interaction with score DEV4, DEV5
Can be styled and highlighted programmatically DEV6

Structural Requirements

Description Stories
Intersperse text and music MC8
Yield useful differencing results MC4, RLP19
Allow documents to be annotated with hypertext content MC5, MP2, RLP15, ARL1, ED2
Inclusion of multiple localizations MP7, MP9
Build document out of hierarchy of sections MP15, ARL4
Support alternate readings for a variety of elements ARL1
Elements and ranges in documents as source/destination of link pointers ARL5, ARL7, ARL9
Identify editorially supplied material ARL6, ARL7
Attach markers of uncertainty to musical material ARL8
Make it easy for applications to ignore irrelevant facets of document ARL10

Notational Requirements

Description Stories
Capture semantic musical data most stories
Capture visual layout intent of music MC*, MC6, MP1
Capture exact physical placement of notation MC3
Capture performance/playback intent of music MC*, MC7, RLP7, RLP11
Part-specific system and page breaks RLP1, RLP2, RLP4
Part-specific alternate semantic data RLP4
Identify accidentals having explicit display intent RLP5
Distinguish system text from part-specific text MC9
Part-specific rendering styles RLP6
Explicit playback order of musical form separate from notation RLP9, RLP12
Selective hiding of parts ED2
Performance data not linked to absolute time RLP10
Represent music and text in a way that facilitates search indexing by motives or content ARL2, ARL3

Metadata Requirements

Description Stories
Metadata links to related external assets MP8
Extensible metadata schema MP8, MP10, RLP3
Metadata pointing to IP information MP10, RLP20, RLP21
Support pointers/URIs as well as literal text in credit metadata MP9, RLP3
Force metadata to be encoded as such, not as literal text in score MP11, RLP3
Include additional data to drive musical simplification MP13
Identify material for incipits/excerpts MP14
Reference and temporal mapping to external AV media RLP8

Out-Of-Scope and Questionable Requirements

Description Stories
OUT OF SCOPE: encryption is complex, volatile, supported by other standards MP12
OUT OF SCOPE: Version control diff/merge operations do not corrupt score RLP16
OUT OF SCOPE: IP permissions included explicitly in document RLP20, RLP21
IMPACT: why do cuts affect encoding? RLP14
IMPACT: why does merging affect encoding? RLP15
IMPACT: other than polyphony and figured bass, why relevant? ED1
IMPACT: why does this affect encoding? ED3