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The canonical list of participants in the CG can be found here, but this page is for participants in the W3C Music Notation Community Group to provide information about themselves, the organisation they represent (if applicable), and their specific areas of interest within the CG.


Photo Name Organisation GitHub username Area of interest
Adrianholovaty.jpg Adrian Holovaty Soundslice adrianholovaty Consuming MusicXML; rendering web-based sheet music; creating new notation forms to enhance music education; improving semantics of notation data
Danielspreadbury.jpg Daniel Spreadbury Steinberg Media Technologies, GmbH dspreadbury The inventor of SMuFL, and Product Marketing Manager for Steinberg's in-development scoring software.
Nophoto.jpg Michael Scott Asato Cuthbert Massachusetts Institute of Technology mscuthbert Editor of MusicXML spec; music21; computational musicology.


To update your entry in this table, click the Edit link at the top of the page. Try to preserve the table formatting! To enter a brief summary of your area of interest, write it immediately following the final || in the line. To change the photo, enter the filename of the photo you want to upload in place of nophoto.jpg, but do not change the width (100px), and click Save Changes. The photo filename will then appear as a red link: click this and you will be taken to the page to upload the photo.

Asterisk (*) indicates an affiliation with an organisation, but that the individual has chosen to join the CG as an individual not representing his or her organisation.

Photo Name Organisation GitHub username Area of interest
Nophoto.jpg Aaron Mars
Nophoto.jpg Abraham Lee
Nophoto.jpg Adam Reese Tableau Software*
Nophoto.jpg Adriano Baratè Università degli Studi di Milano
Nophoto.jpg Adrian Kulisch
Nophoto.jpg Ainhoa Esténoz
Nophoto.jpg Alexander Blank
Nophoto.jpg Alexandre Kharlamov
Nophoto.jpg Alex Daigle
Nophoto.jpg Alex Emery
Nophoto.jpg Alexander Plötz
Seralf.jpg Alfredo Serafini freelance consultant seralf (music) information retrieval & search, linked data, sound and interaction design
Nophoto.jpg Alon Shacham Compoze Music Solutions Ltd
Nophoto.jpg Alvaro Buitrago
Nophoto.jpg Amber Blue
Nophoto.jpg Anas R.
Nophoto.jpg Andrew Hankinson
Nophoto.jpg Andrew Horwitz Research Foundation of City University of NY* ahwitz MIR, score alignment, engraving
Nophoto.jpg Andrew Parker
Nophoto.jpg Angelo Cutolo
Nophoto.jpg Annika Elting
Nophoto.jpg Ansari Abdul Aziz
Nophoto.jpg Ariel Qassis
Nophoto.jpg Arshia Cont Antescofo SAS
Nophoto.jpg Arthur Lenskold
Nophoto.jpg Asahi Ocean
Nophoto.jpg Axel Geertinger The Royal Library, Denmark*
Nophoto.jpg Ben Timms Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH bentimms
Nophoto.jpg Bert Zhang
Nophoto.jpg Bernd Jungmann capella-software
Nophoto.jpg Beth Sorensen
Nophoto.jpg Bob Hamblok
Nophoto.jpg Bo Rydberg Musikalliansen*
Bcj.jpg Bo-Cheng Jhan National Cheng Kung University school510587 Braille Music, Automatic transcription from MusicXML or other formats into braille
Bhamblok.jpg Bob Hamblok bhamblok
Nophoto.jpg Brad Cohen Tido Enterprise GmbH
Nophoto.jpg Brian Zimmer
Nophoto.jpg Bruce Nelson Alfred Music
Nophoto.jpg Bruno Bernardo Bigsby
Nophoto.jpg Burak Uyar
Nophoto.jpg Byron C Mayes Temple University*
Nophoto.jpg Camila Monteiro de Barros Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina*
Nophoto.jpg Carine Bournez W3C
Nophoto.jpg Carsten Boensel
Nophoto.jpg Casey Driessen
Nophoto.jpg Cecilio Salmeron None cecilios Creator and maintainer of LenMus project. My aim is to learn about music representation and management with computers and at the same time to develop public knowledge, methods and algorithms and to provide free quality software for music students, amateurs, and teachers.
Nophoto.jpg Charles Buck Hawaii Conference of the United Church of Christ
Nophoto.jpg Chiba Yuko RygaSound Inc.
Nophoto.jpg Chris Fowler J.W. Pepper & Son
Nophoto.jpg Chris Lees
Nophoto.jpg Chris Swaffer PreSonus
Nophoto.jpg Christian Burtchen ResearchGate*
Nophoto.jpg Christian Christian Kapplmüller
Nophoto.jpg Christina Noel Musicnotes, Inc.
Nophoto.jpg Christof Schardt Columbus Soft
Christopherantila.png Christopher Antila nCoda crantila
Nophoto.jpg Christopher Diamond
Nophoto.jpg Christopher Koszuta Hal Leonard / Noteflight
Nophoto.jpg CJ Garcia MakeMusic
Nophoto.jpg Claude Rajchert
Nophoto.jpg Cory Davis
Nophoto.jpg Cyril Coutelier Flat
Nophoto.jpg Cyril Silverman Tido Enterprise GmbH
Nophoto.jpg Dan Kreider
Nophoto.jpg Daniel Ray Muse Group
Nophoto.jpg Daniel Richmond
Nophoto.jpg Dave Keenan Sagittal
Nophoto.jpg David MacDonald University of Central Florida
Nophoto.jpg Daniel Walz Foleys Finest Audio Ltd.
Nophoto.jpg David Rizo University of Alicante
Nophoto.jpg David William Hearn Staffpad Ltd
Nophoto.jpg Davide Andrea Mauro Iauv University of Venice*
Nophoto.jpg David Webber Mozart Music Software DavidMWebber
Nophoto.jpg Dawson Berry
Nophoto.jpg Denis Feletto
Nophoto.jpg Dennis Bathory-Kitsz
Nophoto.jpg Dennis Freeze
Nophoto.jpg Desiree Garcia
Nophoto.jpg Dietmar Schneider
Nophoto.jpg Dmitriy Popov Ultimate Guitar USA, LLC
Nophoto.jpg Doill Jung
Nophoto.jpg Dominik Hörnel capella-software dhoernel
Nophoto.jpg Dominik Svoboda
Nophoto.jpg Dominique Vandenneucker Arpege Music
Nophoto.jpg Don Burks Lighthouse Labs donburks Head Instructor of Lighthouse Labs, passionate web dev with 18 years of experience, who also has a degree in Music performance and is passionate about music composition
Nophoto.jpg Douglas Blumeyer Sagittal
Nophoto.jpg Doug Eicher Music Prodigy
Nophoto.jpg Dragan Petrovic
Nophoto.jpg Drake Domingue Alfred Music
Nophoto.jpg Drew Saenz Hack Reactor
Nophoto.jpg Ed Malaga
Nophoto.jpg Elad Keidan
Nophoto.jpg Emil Wojtacki
Nophoto.jpg Emily Vickers
Nophoto.jpg Enrico Bortolazzi
Nophoto.jpg Enrico Dell'Aquila
Nophoto.jpg Eric Carraway
Nophoto.jpg Eric Fontaine MuseScore* ericfont
Nophoto.jpg Eric Mosterd University of South Dakota*
Nophoto.jpg Eric Pancer
Nophoto.jpg Erik Ronström DoReMIR Music Research
Nophoto.jpg Evan Balster Interactopia LLC*
Nophoto.jpg Evan Brooks ebrooks01
Nophoto.jpg Evan Yamanishi W. W. Norton & Company
Nophoto.jpg Fabrizio Ferrari Virtual Sheet Music, Inc.
Nophoto.jpg Frank Litterscheid
Nophoto.jpg Freeman Gilmore
Nophoto.jpg Gene Ragan
Nophoto.jpg George Litterst TimeWarp Technologies
Nophoto.jpg Gerda Koch Angewandte Informationstechnik Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
Nophoto.jpg Glenn Linderman
Nophoto.jpg Goffredo Haus Università degli Studi di Milano
Nophoto.jpg Gorka Urzaiz NewMusicNow
Nophoto.jpg Graham Metcalfe Allegro Design Group
Nophoto.jpg Gregory Burlet Frettable
Nophoto.jpg Grzegorz Rolek
Nophoto.jpg Guy Barash Music Sales Corporation
Nophoto.jpg Hans Vereyken neoScores
Nophoto.jpg Heiko Petersen
Nophoto.jpg Henry Ives Muse Group
Nophoto.jpg Hernán D. Ramallo
Nophoto.jpg Hervé Bitteur Audiveris
Nophoto.jpg Hiroyuki Baba
Nophoto.jpg Hiroyuki Koike Plusadd, Inc.
Nophoto.jpg Hongki Cha Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)
Nophoto.jpg Iam Nemo
Nophoto.jpg Ian Moore
Nophoto.jpg Igor Korsukov Muse Group
Nophoto.jpg Isaak Anderson
Nophoto.jpg Jacob Wall J.W. Pepper & Son
Nophoto.jpg Jakob Kyril Meile The Royal Library, Denmark*
James ingram.jpg James Ingram notator SVG with embedded MIDI data
Nophoto.jpg James Opstad
Nophoto.jpg James Sutton Dolphin Computing Ltd jsutdolph
Nophoto.jpg James Tauber Eldarion jtauber online music theory education; analysis and composition tools; Python libraries
Jan angermueller.jpg Jan Angermüller JAngermueller Music Font Compatibility
Nophoto.jpg Jan Rosseel SCORA
Nophoto.jpg Janina Sajka
Nophoto.jpg Jared Boria
Nophoto.jpg Jason Freeman Georgia Institute of Technology*
Nophoto.jpg Jawher Matmati
Nophoto.jpg Jean-Christophe Michel Symétrie
Nophoto.jpg Jeff Kellem Slanted Hall
Nophoto.jpg Jeff S.
JeffTrevino.jpg Jeffrey Treviño nCoda jefftrevino
Nophoto.jpg Jeremy Sawruk jsawruk
JPKarlsberg.jpg Jesse P. Karlsberg Emory University* jpkarlsberg Interested in incorporating music encoding into Readux (github), an environment for annotating digitized books and publishing digital critical editions developed by the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship. I am the editor of a forthcoming proof of concept series of digital critical editions of music books using Readux.
Nophoto.jpg Jessie Schalles silenceonthelam Front-end engineer, euphonium player. I enjoy creating experiments with the web audio and web midi apis, and I'm interested in music theory and notation and their structures.
Nophoto.jpg Jesus Lizardi INFOTEC*
JimDeLaHunt.jpg Jim DeLaHunt Keyboard Philharmonic project jdlh The Keyboard Philharmonic project organises music-lovers to revitalise our shared musical heritage, by transcribing public domain music scores of classical and operatic works, into a revisable, reusable, sharable digital form, and making them freely available. MusicXML is our primary target format for the digital scores.
Nophoto.jpg Jim Druckenmiller
Nophoto.jpg Jimmi Thøgersen Key2Know A/S*
Nophoto.jpg Jiyang Chu
Nophoto.jpg Joanna Kao Al Jazeera America*
Joeberkovitz.png Joe Berkovitz Risible, LLC joeberkovitz Independent consultant; founder of the web-based notation company Noteflight.
Nophoto.jpg Joe Pearson Avid Technology
Nophoto.jpg Johan Schrooyen
Nophoto.jpg Johannes Feulner scorio GmbH
Nophoto.jpg Johannes Kepper University of Paderborn*
Nophoto.jpg John Gerteisen
Nophoto.jpg John Murdoch Wind Gap Data*
Nophoto.jpg John Schwartz
Nophoto.jpg Jonathan Kehl Ultimate Guitar USA, LLC
Nophoto.jpg Jonathan Lancaster
Nophoto.jpg Jonathan Powers
Nophoto.jpg Jonathon Fruin
Nophoto.jpg Jordi Bartolome Hal Leonard
Nophoto.jpg Jörg Hohwiller
Nophoto.jpg Joseph VanderStel Artusi, Inc.
Nophoto.jpg Josh Soref
Nophoto.jpg Joshua Netterfield
Nophoto.jpg João Portela
Nophoto.jpg Juan Hiza
Nophoto.jpg Juan Martinez
Nophoto.jpg Julia Cook Boydell & Brewer
Nophoto.jpg Julius Kanigowski
Nophoto.jpg Justin Tokke Carl Fischer LLC
Nophoto.jpg Jürgen Diet Bavarian State Library*
Nophoto.jpg Karim Ratib Meedan*
Nophoto.jpg Kelby Stine
Nophoto.jpg Kentaro Sato
Nophoto.jpg Kenzi Noike knoike I'm the developer of MusicXML to MP3. Interested in description format for musical performance expression.
Nophoto.jpg Kevin Weed Newport-Mesa Unified School District*
Nophoto.jpg Kia Hadipour
Nophoto.jpg Kimberly Brand Hal Leonard / Noteflight
Nophoto.jpg Klaus Rettinghaus Enote GmbH
Nophoto.jpg Knut Nergaard
Nophoto.jpg Ko-Shu Sun
Nophoto.jpg Koen Samyn University College of West Flanders
Nophoto.jpg Kosar Hosseinkhani
Nophoto.jpg Kristina Richts
Nophoto.jpg Lajos Brons
Nophoto.jpg Laurent Pugin RISM Switzerland*
Nophoto.jpg Luc Bonnin
Nophoto.jpg Luca Andrea Ludovico Università degli Studi di Milano
Nophoto.jpg Marc Cerisier Cherry Tree, Inc.
Nophoto.jpg Marc Nongmaithem
Marcsabatella.jpg Marc Sabatella MuseScore* MarcSabatella music notation formats, interactive educational materials, accessibility issues for visually impaired
Nophoto.jpg Marek Ledvina
Nophoto.jpg Mário Alves
Nophoto.jpg Maristella Feustle University of North Texas*
Nophoto.jpg Mark Ferguson Rookanga Digital LLC
Nophoto.jpg Mark Green MakeMusic Inc.
Nophoto.jpg Mark Johnson
Nophoto.jpg Mark Kahrs
Nophoto.jpg Marko Raina Apotti OY*
Marnix klein.jpg Marnix van Berchum The CMME Project marnixvb Early Music and music encoding / music editing
Nophoto.jpg Markus Hübenthal capella-software
Nophoto.jpg Martin Beinicke Soundnotation
Nophoto.jpg Martin Keary MuseScore
Nophoto.jpg Martin Marris Notecraft Services LLC
Nophoto.jpg Martin Möller Gehrmans Musikförlag
Nophoto.jpg Matthew Briggs Webern
Nophoto.jpg Matthew Dougherty
Nophoto.jpg Matthew Vest University of Virginia
Nophoto.jpg Matthias Nowakowski
Matthieutalbot.jpg Matthieu Talbot Freelance consultant MartyLake C++ JUCE audio-plugin developer, UX designer, electronic music composer and live performer.
Nophoto.jpg Michael Dean
Michaelgood.jpg Michael Good mdgood The inventor of MusicXML.
Nophoto.jpg Michael Johnson MakeMusic
Nophoto.jpg Michael Koziel
Nophoto.jpg Michael Petychakis National Technical University of Athens
Nophoto.jpg Michael Strauss
Nophoto.jpg Mingjie Xia
Nophoto.jpg Mogens Lundholm mogenslundholm
Nophoto.jpg Mohamed Zeragoui Innovimax
Nophoto.jpg Nathaniel Burns
Nophoto.jpg Nestor Napoles Lopez
Nophoto.jpg Nicolas Froment MuseScore lasconic
Nophoto.jpg Nicolas Martin Arobas Music
Nophoto.jpg Olaf Kosinsky
Nophoto.jpg Olufemi Ogundipe
Nophoto.jpg Paolo Tortiglione Conservatorio G.Verdi di Milano
Nophoto.jpg Pat Muchmore
Nophoto.jpg Patrick Watts LifeWay Christian Resources*
Nophoto.jpg Paul Ely snakebyte69
Nophoto.jpg Paul Hangstein High end music engraving
Nophoto.jpg Paul Lombardi University of South Dakota
Nophoto.jpg Paul Overell
Nophoto.jpg Pavel Studený
Nophoto.jpg Pawel Cyrta
Nophoto.jpg Pedro José Ponce de León University of Alicante*
Nophoto.jpg Perry Roland
Nophoto.jpg Peter Jonas MuseScore
Nophoto.jpg Peter Maund
Nophoto.jpg Peter Saltzman
Nophoto.jpg Peter Stadler University of Paderborn*
Nophoto.jpg Peter Trubinov
Nophoto.jpg Phil Amalong Zenph Inc.*
Nophoto.jpg Philip Rothman NYC Music Services
Nophoto.jpg Philippe Rigaux Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers*
Nophoto.jpg Pierre Mardon SyncSing
Nophoto.jpg Raffaele Viglianti University of Maryland, College Park*
Nophoto.jpg Ralf Mattes
Nophoto.jpg Raúl García Castro Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Nophoto.jpg Razvan Beuran Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology*
Nophoto.jpg Reiner Krämer McGill University*
Nophoto.jpg Reinhold Hoffmann Notation Software Germany
Nophoto.jpg Rhys Gray
Nophoto.jpg Riaan van Niekerk
Nophoto.jpg Richard Hoadley Anglia Ruskin University
Nophoto.jpg Richard Hotchkiss Passport Music Software
Nophoto.jpg Richard Lanyon Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Nophoto.jpg Robert Jaret Rob Jaret Music Composer and user of Music Notation Software; Have experience with xml/xsl as a software engineer and would like to help with this effort.
Nophoto.jpg Robert Klugseder Austrian Academy of Sciences*
Nophoto.jpg Robert Piéchaud IRCAM*
Nophoto.jpg Robert Snarrenberg Washington University in St. Louis*
Nophoto.jpg Robin Kidd Yamaha
Nophoto.jpg Robin Walker Queens' College, University of Cambridge*
Nophoto.jpg Roger Firman
Nophoto.jpg Roman Molino Dunn The Music Transcriber
Nophoto.jpg Rosana Lanzelotte Musica Brasilis
Nophoto.jpg Ryan Prince Selvans LLC
Nophoto.jpg Ryo Kajiwara ACCESS CO., LTD.*
Nophoto.jpg Sally Zimmermann Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)
Nophoto.jpg Samuel Bradshaw* samuelbradshaw
Nophoto.jpg Scott Jeppesen University of Southern California
Nophoto.jpg Sergey Surikov
Nophoto.jpg Sertan Şentürk Universitat Pompeu Fabra sertansenturk Audio-score alignment in makam music
Nophoto.jpg Seth Shafer University of North Texas*
Siennamwood.png Sienna M. Wood University of Colorado at Boulder* Musicologist and web developer; interested in digital and web-hosted music editions (scholarly and general), applications for digital notation in education (especially higher ed), MEI
Nophoto.jpg Shishir Rai
Nophoto.jpg Simon Eastwood ABRSM
Nophoto.jpg Simon Perry University of Queensland*
Nophoto.jpg Simon Smith Muse Group
Nophoto.jpg Srinivasa Kishore
Nophoto.jpg  ? Stardrive Engineering
Nophoto.jpg Stephen Begley
Nophoto.jpg Steve Fiskum
Nophoto.jpg Steve Lee
Nophoto.jpg Steve Murray Music Sales Corporation
Noble-s3.jpg Steve Noble University of Louisville* Steve Noble Background in musicology and information accessibility for people with disabilities; have worked on accessibility of mathematics notation through MathML and would like to contribute to the effort to make sure that music notation can similarly be made accessible and utilized by assistive technology software
Nophoto.jpg Steven Morell NiceChart Inc.
Nophoto.jpg Stijn Van Peborgh neoScores
Nophoto.jpg Sven Emtell DoReMIR Music Research
Nophoto.jpg Svetlana Kihn
Nophoto.jpg Taewoong Kim
Nophoto.jpg Taro Tokuhiro AMEI
Nophoto.jpg Ted Cooper
Nophoto.jpg Thanh Le
Nophoto.jpg Thomas Lynn
Nophoto.jpg Thomas Nauman Musicnotes, Inc.
Nophoto.jpg Thomas Weber th-we
Nophoto.jpg Thomas Williams
Nophoto.jpg Thompson Usiyan
Nophoto.jpg Timothy Edwards Columbia College Chicago*
Nophoto.jpg Timothy Laciano
Nophoto.jpg Tom White MIDI Manufacturers Association
Nophoto.jpg Tomislav Novak University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics
Nophoto.jpg Tony Ward
Nophoto.jpg Travis Haase Alfred Music
Nophoto.jpg Tucker Meyers
Nophoto.jpg Tyler Newton
Nophoto.jpg Urs Liska uliska
Nophoto.jpg Vincent Caers neoScores
Nophoto.jpg Vincent Giersch Flat
Nophoto.jpg Vincent Goudard
Nophoto.jpg Vili Robert Ollila
Nophoto.jpg Walker Boyle
Nophoto.jpg Werner Eickhoff-Maschitzki Notengrafik Werner Eickhoff
Nophoto.jpg Werner J. Wolff Notengrafik Berlin
Nophoto.jpg Wido Weber
Nophoto.jpg Wil Macaulay Quickplay Media
Nophoto.jpg Wilhelm von Hindenburger
Nophoto.jpg William Archer University of Oklahoma
Nophoto.jpg William Clocksin
Nophoto.jpg William Copper
Nophoto.jpg William Ye
Nophoto.jpg Xiaoqian Wu W3C
Nophoto.jpg Xing Fan
Nophoto.jpg Yannick Schetrite
Nophoto.jpg Yilie Wang
Nophoto.jpg Yongzhe Wang
Nophoto.jpg Yos Riady
Nophoto.jpg Zachary Jansheski Muse Group
Nophoto.jpg Zoltan Komives Tido Enterprise GmbH
Nophoto.jpg 永来 王
Nophoto.jpg Rhys Gray University of Tasmania* ryceg I am a composer, web developer, and researcher interested in the semiotics of notation and ways to lower the barrier of entry to new music.