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Markdown Test Suite

Karl D has started a suite of test documents, using current MD syntax. See github


David W pointed to A test tool

This appears to test the following implementations.

  • Markdown.pl 1.0.1
  • Markdown.pl 1.0.2b8
  • Mystery Markdown 0.0
  • PHP Markdown 1.0.1o
  • PHP Markdown Extra 1.2.5
  • Pandoc (strict)
  • Pandoc
  • Python-Markdown 2.2.1
  • RDiscount 1.6.8
  • RedCarpet 2.2.2
  • lunamark 0.2
  • peg-markdown 0.4.14

Which list is a long way short of those at the Implementation list

Ryan F Virtual Machine Tester

Ryan F has installed a number of implementations on a virtual machine and used a bash script to display the raw HTML output of all of them on a single page.results Example Results. Ryan is working to add more implementations and intends to share the virtual machine at a later date.


Markdownr.com is a nifty online Markdown editor on the left panel and the rendered result on the right panel. Has a selector to alternately use Markdown in the following flavors:

  • RedCarpet
  • RDiscount
  • BlueCloth
  • Kramdown
  • Maruku
  • Some other non-Markdown formats.

W3C EBNF testing

In conjunction with our syntax definitions it is now possible to test syntax.

Eric, a W3C staff member has produced a perl validator which can be tested online at this test site. Enter the syntax you want and it is possible to check both examples and your syntax itself. Very useful for developing tests and EBNF

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