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Very tentative, a set of not yet agreed deliverables. For your consideration.

Terms used.

Core profile. A minimal MD syntax and semantic which is in common use across implementations. Intermediate profile. A MD syntax and semantic which is shared with many implementations. app-specific profile. An extension beyond the intermediate profile, incorporating implementation specific syntax and semantics.

  1. Publish a Core profile syntax and semantic.
  2. Publish a technical note specifying an XHTML 1.1+Aria transform from the core profile
  3. Publish a technical note specifying an Intermediate profile syntax and semantic
  4. Publish a technical note with the implementation details for error recovery and parsing algorithm?
  5. Document whatever we deliver thoroughly

The aim of the core profile is that a majority of implementations already support the syntax.

The aim of the intermediate profile is to incorporate a clear definition of what is widely supported by current implementations

The aim of the app-specific profile is to allow implementers to extend MD for their own users.


The core syntax definition does not need to be 100% in agreement with the current MD syntax and implementation.@@no consensus yet@@ To be adopted by others it does need a minimal level of compliance with as many implementations as judged reasonable.

Where multiple options are currently offered, a choice can be made to simplify and reduce implementation costs for developers.

MD syntax and semantics to be output format neutral.

The one transform output to be defined is XHTML 1.1 + Aria extension. Schema is DTD but requires confirmation (Shane) - Also ensure there is a RelaxNG and XSL schema. Easy to do with XHTML Modularization.

Syntax Specification

At this time, very provisional. A syntax spec If you need to read the rendered html see this view

External references

Early draft note

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