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Number Description Responsible Created Last modified Status
1 Keep a section on the wiki on related initiatives and projects Michael, Andrea 2013-02-06 Resolved
2 Provide pointers to OGC definitions service, ISO concept register, ISO TC211 terminology spreadsheet Michael, Andrea 2013-02-06 Resolved
3 Fix broken links in LOCN namespace document. Andrea 2013-12-30 Open
4 Update GeoSPARQL namespace prefix(es) in the LOCN namespace document. Andrea 2013-12-30 Open
5 Specify namespace URIs for all namespace prefixes used in LOCN namespace document, even though they are not used in class/property definitions. Andrea 2013-12-30 Open
6 Add a post on the LOCADD page about the installation of the LOCN vocabulary in W3C space. Andrea 2013-12-30 Open
7 Context: Definition of "geographic name". ERRATA: "Aθnνa". CORRIGE: "Αθήνα". Andrea 2014-01-03 Open