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From Linked Building Data Community Group


  • Kris McGlinn (TCD-ADAPT)
  • Matthias Weise (AEC3)
  • Nick Kaklanis (CERTH)
  • Hendro Wicaksono (KIT-IMI)
  • Athina Ilioudi (CERTH)

Date and time

  • 06/11/2015
  • 12:00 CET


  • Topic 1: Discussion of progress towards contacting EeB projects for further use case exploration
  • Topic 2: Findings of using the ReqCap tool for use case development (per partner)
  • Topic 3: Discussion of Agenda for SEAS VoCamp December 15-17 Paris


  • Topic 2: Feedback regarding ReqCap Tool
    • CERTH already added basic information for all the generic use cases. To do: complete definition of three use cases by next week.
    • Kris will need to copy templates -> Matthias to give full rights to him.
    • One template in ReqCap tool for each project represented in call next thursday.
    • Matthias developed a screencast.
    • Link to screen cast
    • Kris - Create some textual description for screencast.

Action items

  • <Contact List for projects>, <Kris>, <STATUS: DONE>
  • <Each partner contribute to list>, <Kris, Matthias, Nick, Hendro, Willie>, <STATUS: NEW>
  • <Complete Definitions for Use Cases for projects>, <Kris, Matthias, Nick, Hendro, Willie>, <STATUS: NEW>
  • <Enable copying functionality in ReqCap Tool>, <Matthias>, <STATUS: DONE>
  • <Create dialogue for ScreenCast>, <Kris>, <STATUS: NEW>
  • <Post details of VoCamp>, <Kris>, <STATUS: NEW>

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