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The WebCL draft already specify that one of its interface is not mandatory in server-side or worker contexts:

5 Interoperability with HTML Canvas, Image and Video Elements
This section proposes mechanisms for transferring pixel data between WebCL memory objects and HTML media elements. Server-side or Web Worker based implementations of WebCL will not be required to support these features.

Which means all its other sections are meant to be implementable in such environments.

WebCL also specify that all its APIs usable in async mode with callbacks, are also usable synchronously:

WebCL allows certain long-running functions to be executed either synchronously or asynchronously. The asynchronous mode is used if a user-defined callback function is given as an argument to such functions. The signature of the callback is defined by WebCLCallback.

-> https://cvs.khronos.org/svn/repos/registry/trunk/public/webcl/spec/latest/index.html#2.1.2


We are looking for representatives of this HTML5 API to discuss of potentially needed updates to consider server-side implementations


none yet

SSJS Implementations

We are looking for server-side implementation of WebCL