File API: Directories and System API

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Most servers need a FileSystem API Even if not implemented everywhere one is candidate for client-side as W3C Recommendation

This specification propose synchronous and asynchronous APIs.

'7. The synchronous filesystem interface


Synchronous API are defined as usable only in Worker contexts.

4.4 Obtaining access to file system entry points
There are several ways in which a file system entry point can be obtained. Not all user agents may in fact implement all of them. However, in order to avoid blocking UI actions while waiting on filesystem IO, we define only an asynchronous interface for Window, and restrict the synchronous API to the Worker context defined in [WEBWORKERS-ED].



We are looking for representatives of this HTML5 API to discuss of potentially needed updates to consider server-side implementations


  • The client-side concept of sandbox is interesting on server-side when considering security in shared hosting environments

SSJS Implementations


Wakanda implements the synchronous version of the FileSystem API: