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Informations about specifications, especially specification authoring.

The schema

The schema used for specifications is W3C's XMLSpec, used for W3C's specifications, drafts and notes. This doctype was written initially for the XML spec itself (hence its name) and has been customized by several working groups over the years, for their own needs, so there are a few different versions available over there. You can read the user guide and the resources listing of the official version for more informations.

For EXPath, we use the latest version of this doctype, with a few differences like new elements for the function signatures. Everything is available in the Subversion repository under trunk/process/xmlspec.


TODO: Describe how to transform a spec written using XMLSpec to XHTML with EXPath specifics (layout, logo, etc.)


In order to transform a spec to XHTML, you just have to transform it with you favorite XSLT 2.0 processor using the stylesheet trunk/process/xmlspec/xmlspec.xsl. For instance with Saxon:

saxon -xsl:.../process/xmlspec/xmlspec.xsl -s:my-spec.xml -o:my-spec.html