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This page provides information about the processes in the EXPath project. The main idea is quite simple: the atomic piece of work is the module, and each module has its own maintainer, who is the single point of contact for this module.

A module is a single facility or a consistent group of facilities. For instance, the HTTP Client is one module, and defines only one function. The ZIP facility is another module, and defines a library of related functions. But the packaging system is also one module, though it defines a complete system for packaging and library deployment. Anyway, modules are agreed upon on the mailing list.

Each module has its own maintainer. He/she is in charge to coordinate the tasks related to this module, to lead the discussions in the mailing list, update the relevant wiki pages, reflect the discussions within the relevant specifications and coordinate the different implementations and the module's pages on the website. He/she can delegate some of those tasks to someone else.

To propose a new module, just start the discussion on the mailing list. The goal here is to see if other people are interested in the new functionalities you are proposing, and to show that you are ready to help in this area. The first step is not only to propose the idea, but also to propose a draft spec. Even just a few paragraph, but at least enough to start discussing about something people can refer to.

Self-registration has been disabled on the wiki. If you want to create an account, just send me an email <ref name="me">I am Florent Georges, if you don't have my personal email, just have a look at the mailing list.</ref> and I will create a new account and send you the credentials. Page creation is disabled too, and have to be created the same way (by sending me an email). This way, we can control a bit how pages are created and assign a maintainer to each of them. Edition of pages is limited to registered users.

In general, the email features are not supported on this wiki. If you want to watch changes, use instead this Atom feed or this RSS feed.