Template for vocabularies

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Vocabulary Name

Short description of vocabulary

  • domain
  • creators/authors/publishers
  • license - important for reuse of vocabulary
  • url link (to vocabulary)
  • documentation if available online
  • publication(s) if any


  • Origin: authors/organizastion that developed the vocabulary
  • Developed since: date since when this vocabulary has been developed
  • Latest version: date and link to latest version

Covered Requirements

List and cross-reference the related requirements from the Requirements section:

  • ...
  • ...

Uptake and Covered Use-cases

Any use-cases that depict the usefulness/drawbacks of the vocabulary/ontology that is of interest, projects or institutions using it, ideally number of users or some other quantitative measures that illustrate uptake and deployment.

List and cross-reference the use cases in the Use cases section:

  • ...
  • ...

Terms and Concepts

This may be a description or examples or link to an online resource; for terms and concepts or relevance to the DPVCG