Template for use-cases

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Use Case ID - Use Case title

E.g. DEC01 - Online voting platform with privacy

Owner of Use Case



Textual description of the use case:

  • domain/subject area
  • event/situation it applies to
  • actors/entities involved

Is Sub-Use Case of

... if any

Has Sub-Use Cases

... if any


Related functional requirements

  • Covered list of functional requirements

Related non-functional requirements

  • Covered list of non-functional requirements

Requirement conflicts (if any)

Potential conflicts

Requirement similarities (if any)

Potential similarities

Requirement subsets/refinements (if any)


  • List of components and short explanation

Types/classes of data involved

  • List with short explanation


  • Actors involved


assumptions that are true before the use-case begins/starts

  1. ... currently used technologies
  2. ... already used vocabularies for interchange of privacy controls and personal data management
  3. ...
  4. ...


  • List of postconditions

Normal Flow

Specify the normal flow of the use case

Alternate Flows

Specify potential alternate flows

Evaluation of UC and requirements realisation

(e.g. manual, automatically...)