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   GDPRtEXT can be pronounced as "GDPR text"

Exposing the text of GDPR as a linked data resource, and creating a SKOS vocabulary of relevant GDPR terms and concepts.


GDPRtEXT is comprised of two contributions: the first is a linked data version of the GDPR defined by extending the European Legislation Identifier (ELI) ontology. The second is a taxonomy of terms from GDPR exposed as `skos:Concept`. The publication (see below) also provides a mapping of the GDPR with its predecessor, the Data Protection Directive (DPD) in terms of obligations.


Covered Requirements

  • Taxonomy of regulatory privacy terms (including all GDPR terms): YES
  • Taxonomy for personal data: YES
  • Taxonomy of purposes: Only those mentioned within GDPR
  • Taxonomy of disclosure: Only those mentioned within GDPR
  • Metadata related to the details of anonymisation: Only those mentioned within GDPR
  • Log vocabularies for immutably and securely recording: N/A
    • disclosure of consent
    • revocation of consent
    • policy changes
    • transparency
  • Taxonomy of linkage operations: N/A
  • Taxonomies of human behavior: N/A

Uptake and Covered Use-Cases

GDPRtEXT provides a way to directly reference specific chapters, articles, points in the text of the GDPR using IRIs, and defined as RDF resources using the European Legislation Identifier ontology published by the European Publications Office. This allows defining information linked to the context of specific articles it refers to in the GDPR. For example,

   rdf:some-triple rdf:some-property GDPRtEXT:Article-12

GDPRtEXT also defines a SKOS vocabulary of terms and concepts within the GDPR, linked to where they occur in the text of the GDPR. This can be used by other ontologies or datasets to link terms or entities to relevant items in the context of the GDPR.

Example Uses:

  • information can be linked to specific principles using the SKOS vocabulary such as Accuracy, Transparency
  • GDPR-relevant vocabularies can define their terms using GDPRtEXT, either to refer to specific articles/points in its text, or its terms/concepts
  • data can be defined as instances of entities defined within the GDPR, such as Personal Data

GDPRov is a GDPR-specific provenance ontology that uses GDPRtEXT to define its terms.

Reference use-cases:

  • SPECIAL/Proximus use case - personalized touristic recommendations : pending documentation of use-case
  • SPECIAL/DT use case - mobile network quality measurements : pending documentation of use-case
  • SPECIAL/TR use case - ‘Know Your Customer’ (finance, anti-money-laundering) : pending documentation of use-case

Terms and Concepts

See documentation for a list of terms and concepts.