Adoption of DPVCG

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Adoption of DPVCG

This page provides information about current adoptions, uses, and implementations of the work done by DPVCG, including DPV and DPV-GDPR. For submissions, see template at the end of this page.

Suggested categories for classifying:

  • Works that utilise DPV towards an application or goal
  • Works that extend DPV
  • Works that evaluate DPV e.g. for suitability, extent, feasibility of specified criteria
  • Works that compare DPV with other approaches
  • Works that mention DPV

Suggested categories for sources:

  • Academic or peer-reviewed articles
  • Blog posts, reports, and other informal articles
  • Social media communications or mentions of interest

Use of DPV

The authors state that DPV is going to be used "to describe the context using explicit semantics" in an open-source tool for high-level GDPR compliance evaluation which is based on a self-assessment checklist created by a data protection regulator.

The authors use DPV to represent personal data handling policies and information about consent.

The authors proposed a method to automatically discover the relevant information in privacy policies by means of integrating the knowledge represented in the DPV with the information modelled in BabelNet.

The authors proposed a conceptual model for the fine-grained representation of privacy policies by means of mapping concepts to DPV.

The authors use DPV to record processing activities and data collected by a toy robot.

Use of DPV in Industry/Commercial settings

Extensions to DPV

Evaluation/Comparison of DPV

Mentions of DPV