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February 20 Presentation to the broader group:

File:Privacy Subgroup Feb 20 2013.pdf

Questions for Clarification from Policy/Privacy Specialists:

File:Privacy Subgroup Policy and Legal Questions 04 24 2013.ppt

May 9 Meeting Notes (3 big questions surrounding privacy):

File:May 9 Meeting.pdf

Murray's recommendations (and discussion) for the implementation of a privacy system

(Murray Williams, Accenture)

On May 13th, I presented the following document File:Privacy Recommendation.pdf along with a web page with sample code in order to present some ideas for developing a cohesive, clean and simple privacy implementation.

I took the actual recommendations to-date that have come from the privacy group (the definition of primary categories for types of privacy and also for systems that access this data, such as social, analytics, marketing, etc.) and used that work to formulate an implementation framework. In other words, I'm solely concerned with an implementation that is usable, clean and realistic. I have no experience in the privacy definitions themselves.

Some aspects of my implementation proposal come from having read the Design Doc that was posted by the Dynamic Data subgroup.

I have written an illustrative draft of this proposed approach as a separate Wiki page.

June 7th "summary of position" by Murray based on the June 6th call.

File:Privacy Implementation Comparison and Summary.pdf

June 4 Privacy Writeup from Privacy Subgroup prior to Conference Call:

File:Digital Data Privacy Recommendations.pdf

Mark's response to Murray's proposal

(Mark Prince, Ensighten)

Murray, thank you very much for the time and effort it took to create your examples. I very much appreciate the effort, and think that your work will definitely make the Privacy recommendations cleaner and give us some of the structure to make an informed decision.

To all: The decision is whether to add metadata within the structure of the data fields or in a separate data structure in digitalData. Please use both documents when supplying us with feedback. Murray clearly has more syntax expertise, whereas I have more Privacy subject matter expertise. Please consider my syntax suggestions as basic brush strokes to illustrate the options and the intended use of the data fields previously described in brief text blurbs.

Thank you.