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Attendees for 26-27 July Meeting

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Attended in person:

  1. An Xiao Mina (co-chair, Meedan and Credibility Coalition)
  2. Annette Greiner (LBL)
  3. Aviv Ovadya - day 1 afternoon and dinner
  4. Ben Werdmuller (Matter Ventures) - day 2 only
  5. Chris Guess (Duke Reporters Lab)
  6. Dan Brickley (Google - Schema.org)
  7. Ed Bice (Meedan)
  8. Jon Udell (Hypothes.is)
  9. Nick Pickles (Twitter) - day 1 morning
  10. Pat Hayes
  11. Sandro Hawke (co-chair, W3C/MIT, Hawkeworks)
  12. Scott Lowenstein (Twitter)
  13. Scott Yates (CableLabs - Certified Content Coalition)
  14. Tantek Çelik (Mozilla)
  15. Tom Gilbert - day 1 only
  16. Vinny Green (Snopes)
  17. Zoë Triska (Facebook)

Attended as Remote (one or more sessions):

(Note that room acoustics were difficult and made parts of the meeting unintelligible)

  1. Cheryl Langdon-Orr (Internet Australia/ICANN-ALAC/At-Large)
  2. Davide Ceolin (CWI Amsterdam)
  3. Ed Summers (umd.edu)
  4. Farnaz Jahanbakhsh (MIT)
  5. Greg McVerry (Southern Connecticut State University)
  6. Jesse Kranzler (trustmetrics)
  7. Miclael Golebiewski (Microsoft)
  8. Newton Calegari (nic.br)
  9. Olaf Steenfadt (Reporters Without Borders)
  10. Reto Gmür (FactsMission)
  11. Sally Lehrman (The Trust Project)
  12. Tzviya Siegman (Wiley)
  13. Vagner Diniz (nic.br)