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<sandro> (not scribed)

Credibility Coalition Into

Snapshot of slides

<Ralph> credibilitycoalition.org

An_Xiao_Mina: Meedan, working on fact-check tools
... Misinfocon
... common framework for markup of source credibility
... effort to develop standard for 3d pty markup
... id indicators and use cases; est cooperation; generate and evaluate testing data
... misinfo is bad info shared without intnt to deceive (distingfuished from disinfo or malinfo)
... [slide showing current group members]
... looking at indicators, not data interpretation or assessment
... .claim review; draft indicator framework
... includes structure, content

ClaimReview in schema.org

DanBri: Google, schema.org
... started discussion last year re providing structured data for fact-checkgin
... schema.org, looked at fact-checking as a kind of reviewing. "claims"
... added a property on claimreview

<fab_gandon> any link to the slides presented?

DanBri showing the exampleGoogle search "hillary deleted emails" with annotated result


scribe: what's the canonical source for a claim
... trust project,

@@: where does the data live?

DanBri: in the fact-checker's site
... e.g. politifact


sandro: I've been involved in this work with my MIT hat, and more recently, thinking about whether there's a place for it at W3C
... we have a W3C community group, a meeting Friday morning

<fab_gandon> ?q

RobSanderson: there could be many sources of claims

danbri: hoping for the development of a fact-check commons
... there's a network of reviewers checking one another's work

ed: we're developing a schema anyone can write to
... creating a lens by which we can look at info

Ivan: you can have ratings of ratings orgs

ed: source, claim, and article credibility

andrewbetts: currently, claim review sits on its own; can we use linked data
... to annotate URL

danbri: claim review markup could have a pile of URLs, or wikidata could collect them

fab_gandon: any background in argumentation theory?

jenny_lee: a whole range of techniques

<reto> Create a schema:ClaimReview for a tweet: https://twee.fi/

manu: is there a roadmap?

<fab_gandon> I would volunteer Serena Villata : http://www-sop.inria.fr/members/Serena.Villata/

sandro: we have a very draft schema

<fab_gandon> ... for argumentation theory aspects

Richard_Varn: would this be used to enable search?
... often, source of the claim is a part of the argument. Is the original source part of structure?

aviv: we're interested to hear if your org is providing or interested in this info

RichardVarn: lots of data in English language grading for common core
... grading for whether something is a valid argument
... machine-scorable

sandro: a test before I can post to social media?

Richard: NO

danbri: there's an arms race aspect
... with a listing of credibility indicators, there's a rush to acquire them
... think about how we can resist, e.g. giving scientists tools to avoid being cited by junk

Brendan: IAB techlab, in ads context, problem of newcomers being given trust equivalent to established actors
... registry of persisten identifiers

jenny: we're not the black box; we're offering framework by which others can do analysis

dsinger: think about ways this could be subtly poisoned

ben: a whole chain of claims; who verifies the authority of the source, identity, etc.
... and whither satire?

AnXiao: big question

<gkellogg> Relevant presentation on Post-Truth community response from DC 2017: http://dcevents.dublincore.org/IntConf/dc-2017/paper/view/525/626

danbri: we just added a satire tag to schema.org

jenny: Donald Trump's speech for Black History Month...

Richard: Some projects using sentiment analysis, NLP

<newton> FNC (http://www.fakenewschallenge.org/) has some labeled datasets that may be useful for training ML algorithms

Joerg: are you thinking about things changing over time?

sandro: not yet there

jenny: Thanks!


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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