Workflow to remove CG participants

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$CDL = Community Development Lead. The role is shared between Ian Jacobs and Coralie Mercier.
$systeam = Systems Team. Most likely Jean-Guilhem Rouel, Carine Bournez and/or Ted Guild.


How to handle (i.e. remove) participants of CGs whose e-mail addresses bounce?
E-mail subscription being tied to CG participation, the only way to unsubscribe someone is for them to leave or be removed from the CG.

Three types of participants:

1) affiliated to a W3C Member org
2) affiliated to a non-Member org
3) unaffiliated participant

Note: As far as IPP is concerned, cases 2) and 3) are a distinct species of (public) Invited Experts.


Case 1: Affiliated with a W3C Member org

This is straight forward; $CDL gets in touch with the AC rep to alert them of the bounce, ask that they check if the individual is still an employee and give a link to where they can manage who from their company participates in CGs, for them to remove the individual as needed.

Case 2 and 3: Affiliated to a non-Member org, unaffiliated participant

  • $CLD contacts the user if their W3C account shows an alternate e-mail address and finds out why their default address is bouncing.
  • Optional: In case 2), if the user has colleagues with same affiliation, $CDL tries to get info out of them about the user in question.

Dom: I don't think you should feel any obligation to do so; in particular, if the email address is linked with the affiliation (e.g. the domain name seems to be the one official for the affiliation), and if the bounce seems to be permanent (à la "unknown user"), then I think it's safe to assume the affiliation is no longer valid without confirmation.

  • If the participant has permanently disappeared (user can't be found, or is no longer an employee), to remove the user from the group, $systeam or $CDL changes affiliation [make unaffiliated] via the user's account.

Notes from Dom:

  • if the person was affiliated and participating in the group representing his/her affiliation, no further actions are needed
  • if the person was not affiliated, or if he/she was participating as an individual despite his/her affiliation, then stopping the affiliation will not remove the person from the group; the only current option for this is to manually modify the database; I suggested there should be instead a tool to cater for these cases. I don't know if it belongs in IPP or in Account Management — I'll let Jean-Gui and Carine figure it out :)

The user receives e-mail notification of the unaffiliation (which goes nowhere if the user's e-mail address doesn't work anymore). cf.

   2013-01-31T15:40:45Z <dom> i.e. affiliation change updates ppLog, and ppLog triggers a mail
2013-01-31T15:53:05Z <caribou> in RemoveParticipants there's a call to ppLog()
2013-01-31T15:54:10Z <caribou> ppLog() is in pplib.phi

The chairs of the groups the person was participating in also receive a notification the said person no longer participates in the group.