How to use Tracker

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This page complements the main "How to run a Community or Business Group" entry.

Tracker is an issue and action tracking tool, that is available on request but not provided by default to a group. Contact If you have requested Tracker, invite to your IRC channel with “/invite trackbot”.


* Trackbot, IRC bot
* Tracker, web interface

Much of how to use our meeting tools is described in the Quick Start guide.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Which syntax works with Trackbot?
A: Type "ACTION: user name to do something" where "user name" is preferably the individual's first name.

Q: My user name and IRC nickname don't match, I want Tracker to recognize my nickname.
A: Go to your Tracker homepage, append "users" to the URI and edit nicknames.

Q: Is there a default due date?
A: The default due date of an action is one week.

Q: How can I set a due date?
A: Type "ACTION: user name to do something - due when". Use a hyphen as separator for the action and the due date. Accepted formats for "when" are: 2005-02-14, 14 February 2005, next Friday, Monday, 1 week, 2 months, tomorrow.

Q: Can I assign one action to multiple user?
A: No. You need to assign the same action as many times as there are users.

Q: How can I enable/disable Tracker e-mail notifications?
A: This is done via the Web interface. Go to "My tracker" in the right-hand side menu and then look for the "settings" part which has a drop-down menu to set up e-mail notification.