First Actions in a New Group

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Choose Chair(s)

Participants choose their own chairs via the group's participants page. You must be logged to do so.
See information about choosing a chair on the tools page.
The Chair is responsible for ensuring the group fulfills the requirements of the Community and Business Group Process as well as the group’s operational agreements.

Understand IPR expectations

  • Document contributions.

Learn how your home page works

The content of your Group's home page is formatted in three columns.

  • The group can add information to the center of the page; see below for how to update your page
  • The information on the left and right sides is automatically provided. Some is customizable.

To request changes or additions to any the following, please write to

Middle column

  • Group name
  • Group description (which appears at top center of page).
  • To add news, use the group's blog (see below).

Left column

A group may use zero or more of the following services. There is a default set of services provided when the group is created.

  • Mailing list
  • Wiki
  • Chat
  • RSS feed
  • Contact Group
  • Issue Tracking (available on request)
  • Mercurial repository (available on request)

Refer to the "Tools and Infrastructure" description for more information.

Right column

  • Participants: Thumbnails of participants photos, link to your Group's participants page, link to "Leave this group". (Not editable)
  • List of static pages you have created in WordPress (if any).
  • List of upcoming events you have created in WordPress (if any).
  • Archives: Automatically generated monthly archives of your blog entries (News).
  • Categories. Group participants may create new categories via the WordPress interface.

Post News and Information

You must log in (to WordPress) to do any of the following:

  • Post News in the group's blog: use dashboard link "Add New" (News appear under the Group's description).
  • Add static pages to Word Press: use dashboard link "Add New", or go to "Dashboard" and "Add New" (Pages appear on the right-hand side menu). Note: Another way to create static pages is through the group's wiki.
  • Add events to a calendar: go to "Dashboard" and "Add New Post", scroll down to "The Events Calendar" and fill out form, "Publish" (right bar near the top).
  • Add a poll: go to "Dashboard" and "Add Poll" from the left-hand side menu.