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A number of dashboards would facilitate integration of community groups in W3C. This work is IN PROGRESS. Questions? Contact Ian Jacobs.

Notes on dashboards

  • Some information make come from ActivityTracking
  • Some information may be future events, such as: charter expires, exclusion period ends, three month deadline, review deadline.
  • You need to be able to indicate that you want to ignore an entry. (e.g., in WBS you can say "ignore" and it goes to a list of ignored things).

Types of Data

Inactive group info

In addition to ActivityTracking queries:

  • Groups with no chairs
  • Groups created more than 1 month ago with 2 or fewer participants

Hot group info

In addition to ActivityTracking queries:

  • group I started call for final spec commitments in the past month
  • group J published a first draft

Types of Dashboards

Community Group Development Lead

  • Hot groups
  • Inactive groups

W3C Business Development

  • Hot groups
  • Business Group fulfillment (e.g., annual project review)

W3C Domains

  • Hot groups
  • PR or PER ended more than 30 days ago (per process expectation)
  • WG has not published within last three months


Group chairs

Upcoming events

  • Charter expires in N days.
  • Specification milestone in 30 days


  • Charter
  • Action(s)
  • Pubs past heartbeat
  • Milestone

General info

  • Publications and when last published.
  • List of resolutions
  • Meeting information (e.g., time / code for teleconf)
    • Include link to change that info.