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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Draft vendor prefix document Charles McCathie Nevile 2012-06-21 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Write a short document on how to get an L0 out and what it might mean Jo Rabin 2012-07-02
ACTION-3 (edit) pending review Circulate his research on types of apps requiring types of features Matt Kelly 2012-07-02
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Start a discussion on "what is the meaning of mobile web applications?" Jo Rabin 2012-07-02
ACTION-5 (edit) pending review Add a conformance section to Level 1 that explains what it means to say "User agents MUST support Foo [FOO]" Tobie Langel 2012-07-02
ACTION-6 (edit) pending review Talk to the HTML WG about fixing/splitting AppCache Robin Berjon 2012-07-02
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Ask DAP to push HTML Media Capture to LC Robin Berjon 2012-07-02 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-8 (edit) pending review Come up with some text for ISSUE-20 Robin Berjon 2012-07-02
ACTION-9 (edit) closed S/full-screen/chromeless/ Tobie Langel 2012-07-02 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Document that we have printing use cases in the UC&R document Tobie Langel 2012-07-02
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Add subsection numbers. Tobie Langel 2012-07-02 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-12 (edit) open Propose priorities for CSS Values parts, get agreement from CG, send to CSS WG Robin Berjon 2012-07-02
ACTION-13 (edit) open Propose priorities for CSS Image Values and Replaced Content parts, get agreement from CG, send to CSS WG Robin Berjon 2012-07-02
ACTION-14 (edit) open Send use cases about overflow scrolling to www-style Tobie Langel 2012-10-02 ISSUE-11
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Draft a non-normative document with Implementation Notes about how to load assets depending on MQs that can never become true (with help from Robin) Robert Shilston 2012-07-02 ISSUE-33
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Split section 3.1 per fantasia's suggestion Tobie Langel 2012-07-02 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Add CSS-3 selectors to section 3.1 Tobie Langel 2012-07-02 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Write up an informative note about why Network Information API does not solve the responsive images issue Tobie Langel 2012-07-02 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Throw in Quota API Tobie Langel 2012-07-02 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Include FileWriter or an alternative to the spec Tobie Langel 2012-07-02 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-21 (edit) open Jonston to do something useful Wesley Johnston 2012-07-02
ACTION-22 (edit) open Provide use cases for WebSockets Wesley Johnston 2012-07-02
ACTION-23 (edit) pending review Draft a proposal to drop online events from HTML5 Robert Shilston 2012-07-02
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Send a note with the actual real use cases for Network Information (with help from Dan Sun) Jean-Francois Moy 2012-07-02 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-25 (edit) open Write something about conforming to HTTP/1.1 Jo Rabin 2012-07-03
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Provide numbers for required sprites/fps in games Tobie Langel 2012-07-03 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-27 (edit) open Expeditiously check whether it is practical to measure consistency of framerate Robert Shilston 2012-07-03
ACTION-28 (edit) pending review Write documentation for testharness.js Robin Berjon 2012-07-03 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-29 (edit) open Survey people and compile a list of common errors in test writing Josh Soref 2012-07-03
ACTION-30 (edit) open Remove the dependency on Node to get Ringmark running, and help make it easier to set up Matt Kelly 2012-07-03
ACTION-31 (edit) pending review Look into something like jsFiddle for test writing Robin Berjon 2012-07-03
ACTION-32 (edit) open Provide requirements for an automated test runner of all tests Jean-Francois Moy 2012-07-03
ACTION-33 (edit) pending review Document JSGameBench and the approach behind it Matt Kelly 2012-07-03 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-34 (edit) pending review Talk to OEMs/carriers about what they would most usefully need to get out of Ringmark results Matt Kelly 2012-07-03 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-35 (edit) open Carry out a gap analysis of existing W3C test suites Jo Rabin 2012-07-03
ACTION-36 (edit) open Draft a test suite release strategy based on what fantasai and Josh_Soref described Robin Berjon 2012-07-03
ACTION-37 (edit) open Assess which existing test suites can be reused and at what level of coverage they stand Robin Berjon 2012-07-03
ACTION-38 (edit) pending review Make a fluffy picture out of the architecture described by Robin for the test system Tobie Langel 2012-07-03
ACTION-39 (edit) pending review Draft the architecture of the test system Tobie Langel 2012-07-23
ACTION-40 (edit) pending review Check on hosting in London (alt Paris) Jet Villegas 2012-07-03
ACTION-41 (edit) pending review Figure out teleconference logistics, timing, and critical mass Jo Rabin 2012-07-03
ACTION-42 (edit) pending review Clarify on the wiki that the active L1 spec document is on github, and describe when things should be discussed on the wiki and when Github issues are used to further the discussion. Jo Rabin 2012-07-06
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Circulate his research on what types of apps require what types of features Matt Kelly 2012-07-18 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Clarify on the Wiki that the active L1 spec document is on github, and describe when things should be discussed on the wiki and when Github issues are used to further the discussion. Robert Shilston 2012-07-25 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Document JSGameBench and the approach behind it. Matt Kelly 2012-07-25 COREMOB-2012
ACTION-46 (edit) open Summarise the summary and post on CG blof Jo Rabin 2012-08-08
ACTION-47 (edit) open Draft a chapter outline of "What is a Web App?" Bryan Sullivan 2012-08-08
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Arrange September call Jo Rabin 2012-08-08
ACTION-49 (edit) open Provoke discussion on list of ISSUE-33 Andrew Betts 2012-09-12
ACTION-50 (edit) pending review Figure out how to do a call between now and F2F Jo Rabin 2012-09-12
ACTION-51 (edit) open Propose a feature in HTML5 that is both not widely deployed nor useful to a large share of applications Bryan Sullivan 2012-10-09
ACTION-52 (edit) open Write use cases that document the advantages of the Web in multi-screen/multi-devices scenario (e.g. that would justify CSS, SVG) Tobie Langel 2012-10-09
ACTION-53 (edit) open Amend 3.4 Device Adaptation to reference the section number applicable. Tobie Langel 2012-10-09
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Propose improved phrasing for "Device Adaptation" so that it's clear what parts of the CSS-ADAPTATION spec we need Dominique Hazaël-Massieux 2012-10-09
ACTION-55 (edit) open Write up the need for application configuration Gavin Thomas 2012-10-09
ACTION-56 (edit) open Start a draft of requirements of what our testing efforts should be Gavin Thomas 2012-10-10
ACTION-57 (edit) open Investigate tests that requie server side components Tobie Langel 2012-10-10
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Work with Robin on getting the right granularity exposed through the JSON API of the W3C Test Framework Dominique Hazaël-Massieux 2012-10-10
ACTION-59 (edit) pending review Talk to Robin to get cross-origin messages baked into testharness.js/ test report. Tobie Langel 2012-10-10
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Write a wiki page with a breakdown of the tasks required to build the initial test frameworkj Dominique Hazaël-Massieux 2012-10-10
ACTION-61 (edit) open Find resources to implement what Dom writes in ACTION-60 within 1 month Bryan Sullivan 2012-10-10
ACTION-62 (edit) open Find resources to implement what Dom writes in ACTION-60 within 1 month Robert Shilston 2012-10-10
ACTION-63 (edit) open Find resources to implement what Dom writes in ACTION-60 within 1 month Matt Kelly 2012-10-10
ACTION-64 (edit) open Supply reasons to reference SVG 1.2 Tiny rather than SVG 1.1 Bryan Sullivan 2012-10-10
ACTION-65 (edit) open Look at organising the next F2F late Jan in Aisa Jo Rabin 2012-10-10
ACTION-66 (edit) open Propose text summarizing the discussion on the list, i.e. what we propose as the "mobile web app" characteristics Jennifer Leong 2012-10-23
ACTION-67 (edit) open Write an explanation of what coremob is and what it is supposed to be doing Jo Rabin 2012-11-11

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