Conversion Specification

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This is an evolving document - all contributions and discussion welcome

This conversion specification takes the form of identifying Bibframe Classes and associated properties and then specifying the types and properties that should be, and optionally be, generated from them.

Unless otherwise commented, all triples generated will share the same subject URI, or blank node, value as the identified Bibframe entity.

Unless otherwise commented, the object value of generated triples will be the same URI or literal value

The specification makes no assertion as to if the generated triples should be combined into an expanded entity definition, or generated separately.

The current version of this document only includes an example specification (for Bibframe Instance) this is to test the documentary form of the specification itself.

Is this understandable, and provides clarity as to the conversion processes that should take place when an entity of rdf:type bf:Instance is identified?


BF Property/Path Value Conditions Schema Type Schema Property Value Comments
bf:genreForm genre
bf:identifiedBy/rdf:value identifiedBy type = bf:isbn isbn
bf:identifiedBy/rdf:value identifiedBy type = bf:issn issn


identifiedBy type = bfLocal identifier

schema:PropertyValue {

bf:instanceOf exampleOfWork
bf:instanceOf/bf:contribution/bf:agent contributor
bf:instanceOf/bf:language inLanguage
bf:instanceOf/bf:subject about
bf:instanceOf/bf:summary/rdfs:label description
bf:instanceOf/rdf:type bf:Audio AudioObject
bf:instanceOf/rdf:type bf:Cartography Map
bf:instanceOf/rdf:type bf:MovingImage VideoObject
bf:instanceOf/rdf:type bf:NotatedMusic SheetMusic
bf:instanceOf/rdf:type bf:StillImage ImageObject
bf:issuance Book
bf:title/rdfs:label name
rdfs:label name