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Spec outline.

  • Each user has an activity stream that represents their own activities.
  • The streams come in two flavours: Activity Streams Atom or Activity Streams JSON.
  • The streams can be discovered from an HTML profile page using <link> elements.
    • rel="alternate feed", type="application/atom+xml"
    • rel="alternate feed", type="application/stream+json"
  • The streams can be discovered from a WebFinger or LRDD XRD document
    • rel=activitypub-atom (???)
    • rel=activitypub-json (???)
  • You can HEAD a stream document, but it's probably not that interesting.
  • If you GET a stream document, you can see the most recent activities by that account, in reverse-chronological order.
  • If you GET a stream document using some kind of authentication, you might seem activities that are intended for private audiences.
  • You can POST to a stream document, which will create a new activity that will show up in the stream document.
    • You should post Atom activities to Atom feeds.
    • You should post JSON activities to JSON feeds.