SPC is a First Public WD

My congratulations to the Web Payments Working Group for the publication today of Secure Payment Confirmation (SPC) as a First Public Working Draft. The specification is taking shape in part thanks to experimentation by Adyen and Airbnb, the results of which I anticipate we will hear about at our October TPAC meeting if not sooner. We also look forward to a second experiment from Stripe, whose first experiment led to a number of changes in the Chrome implementation. Our colleagues at EMVCo have shared publicly that they anticipate integration of SPC into EMV® 3-D Secure version 2.3, and I look forward to seeing that specification soon. We also continue to pursue our conversations about integration into other underlying protocols, such as EMV® Secure Remote Commerce and Open Banking.

In other Working Group news:

* We have stopped work on the Basic Card specification. Some participants have expressed interest in exploring a replacement, so we will begin use case discussions this week.
* We have started group review of a draft charter; our current charter expires at the end of 2021.
* We are building our agenda for the October TPAC meeting.

I look forward to a busy next few months.

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