Web Payment WG Agenda, October 2020 Edition

Next week the Web Payments Working Group holds an 8-hour virtual meeting over four days. Our agenda includes:

  • Review of the status of Payment Request API as it is deployed;
  • Discussion of use cases and requirements for a variety of payment methods and flows, including EMV® Secure Remote Commerce, open banking APIs, RTP® (Real-time Payments), Web monetization, use cases for which QR codes are deemed useful, and other non-card payment systems.
  • New APIs and design ideas, including updates on Secure Payment Confirmation (SPC), which couples Web Authentication with Payment Request API to streamline strong customer authentication during checkout.

This meeting is part of TPAC 2020, W3C’s annual big meeting.

I look forward to reconnecting with colleagues, even if we are only able to meet virtually this year.

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