Ramping up for TPAC

W3C’s annual “big meeting” of groups takes place in the Bay Area this year. The Web Payments Working Group agenda is coming into view, and I think of it in four parts:

  • Payment Request API. How is implementation going? As we prepare to recharter the group, what topics should we include in scope for the next iteration of the API?
  • Payment Apps. We will see demos of Web-based payment apps used to make payments in Chrome (which has an experimental implementation of the Payment Handler API), and address some of the current issues with that specification.
  • Payment Methods. We will discuss new versions of payment method specifications for card tokenization, card encryption, credit transfer, and interledger payments.
  • Adoption. What are we hearing from merchants? Do we have any preliminary data of interest to support the hypothesis that the improved user experience can increase conversations and lower cart abandonment rates?

I anticipate between 500-600 people will attend TPAC this year, and at the current rate of registration, we are likely to have record number of attendees —around 60— at the Working Group’s meeting.

As always, I look forward to the most exciting W3C week of the year.

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