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Use Cases/Reviews as Annotation

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A user wants to find reviews of a particular resource.

Reviewers submit reviews of resources -- books, scholarly articles, etc.


Amy is trying to determine whether she wants to read the book Zookeeper’s Wife by Ackerman; she would like to read reviews. There are many reviews - at Publishers Weekly, Goodreads, Amazon, New York Times, NPR, and various other web sites. Amy would prefer to be able to gather a single list of reviews (with links), rather than going to various review sites individually to look for a review of the book.

If there is are mechanisms in place whereby

  1. whenever a review is written, the reviewer (or a third-party annotator) can create an annotation (saying "this review reviews this book") ; and
  2. a user can search for all “review” annotations for a specific target;

then Amy can find reviews of Zookeeper’s Wife - at least those reviews for which Annotations have been created.


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