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Use Cases/Resource Annotation Discovery

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A user is looking at a resource and wants to discover if there are any annotations of it or parts of it. While this seems to be serviced adequately by the target and specific target entities within the model, there are also those annotations that the resource is providing a context for. What is the best practice for retrieving those annotations.

This is an issue because I might have a digitized emblem that has a distinct identifier already. I then annotate part of it. It turns out that before it was digitized, that emblem was only published in a particular book. If I'm looking at the book, how do I discover the annotation (the book in this case is the context for rather than the source of the specific target).



Contributed by Jacob Jett

User Stories

As a person viewing a resource, I want to discover annotations for it or parts of it, so that I can view them along side the resource.

As a person viewing a resource which references other resources, I want to discover annotations for both the parent resource and the specific resource being viewed, so that I can view all annotations for my current viewing context.