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Use Cases/Juxtaposition of targets

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A user wishes to annotate portions of two targets. This is easy enough just using the composite portion of the model; however, the user is making a comparison between the two specified targets and it is useful for the client to display a juxtaposition of the two specified targets so that anyone reading the content of the annotation readily understands what it is about. To some extent this is a best practices question regarding how to implement composite targets.


  1. Amy annotates the combination (a juxtaposition) of two different images that appear in two different documents. Anyone viewing the annotation should be able to see the combined target that it discusses.
  2. A doctor annotates a pair of x-ray images, comparing and contrasting what is visible in the images.

Contributed by Jacob Jett

User Stories

As a person annotating, I want to compose an annotation juxtaposing two targets, so that the annotation can provide comparison, contrast, etc.