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Use Cases/Geotagging

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Geotagging use case.


Scenario 1: Identifying photo features

User Azariah takes a photo of a notable landmark, using a camera with GPS capability. The GPS info is embedded in the photo's metadata. Azariah later selects the landmark in the photo, and adds a text description with the landmark's name, and a link to an article about its history. Azariah posts the image, and the associated annotations; the annotations contain the same geo-coordinates as the image metadata.

Later, user Blake is visiting the same location, and is curious about the same landmark. Blake uses their smartphone to retrieve annotations marked with their current location. Blake finds Azariah annotated image, and follows the link to learn more about the landmark.

Scenario 2: Requesting identifications

User Casey sees an unusual insect while walking in the woods, and wants to know what it is. Casey takes a photo of the insect, and uploads it to a site where contributors identify insects. Based in part on the geolocation info in the photo, user Dylan identifies the insect; Dylan selects the insect with a marquee, and creates an annotation on the selection naming the insect. User Emerson further identifies the plant that the insect is feeding on, and annotates the image to name the plant. The annotations include the geolocation information of the photo (not of the annotators).

Later, user Finley, an entomology student, is researching the range and spread of that insect, and searches for annotations naming that insect; Finley finds several images, including Casey's photo, and uses these images in a study.

Scenario 3: Annotator Geolocation

User Giselle enjoys a meal at a restaurant. Giselle visits the restaurant's Web site, and annotates the menu, leaving reviews for each menu item they ate. Giselle's current geolocation, inside the restaurant, is included in their annotations, with their permission.

Later, a review aggregation bot searches all reviews made at the location being reviewed, as a measure of authenticity. The bot finds Giselle's annotations, and republishes them (with permission) along with other location-specific reviews.