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Use Cases/Cover Art

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As a user, I want to associate an image representation with a work so that the work can be found more easily.


A “Cover Art” annotation asserts that a particular image is cover art for a particular book or version of a book. Thus the body is an image and the target is a resource description of a book (or particular version of the book).

Use Case: Hennepin County Library acquires a copy of a new version of Shakespeare's Macbeth. The library wishes to find cover art that it can use to advertise its copy. (Either there was no cover art supplied with the copy, or the cover art supplied was not deemed satisfactory.) There are dozens or perhaps hundreds of cover art images for Macbeth. For many of these images, someone (either the artist, or a third-party annotator) has created an annotation saying "this image is cover art for this version". The Library locates the RDF resource corresponding to its version of the book; it can then search cover art Annotations of that resource and select one that it likes.


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Contributed by Ray Denenberg