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Meetings/F2F Berlin 2016

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Collocated with I Annotate.

Web Annotation F2F, 17-18 May, Berlin

Date: Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th May 2016


  • Tuesday: 2pm - 6pm
  • Wednesday: 9am - 6pm PT

Location: DKFI

DFKI Project Office Berlin
Alt-Moabit 91c
10559 Berlin

Summary: A working group face to face meeting. All current members and invited experts are welcome, non-members wishing to attend should apply to the chairs for observer status.

Register: Register

Attending/Regrets: Registration Questionnnaire results


  • The F2F is followed by I Annotate on the 19th and 20th at Microsoft Atrium. Registration required.

Some travel budget may still be available for active working group members. Please discuss with the chairs and/or Dan Whaley.

There will be no remote teleconference dial in access. The IRC channel is W3C #annotation, see IRC information on general Meeting Logistics page for details.


Tuesday Afternoon
  • Scribe Selections (for Tuesday afternoon)
  • Welcome, Logistics and Introductions (as needed)
  • Agenda Review and Announcements
  • Review Charter and Frame Remaining Tasks
  • Discuss and Close Remaining Open Issues
  • (Break)
  • Prep for testing discussion
  • Discuss and Close Remaining Open Issues (continued)
  • Remaining To Do List Before Candidate Recommendation

Wednesday Morning
  • Scribe Selections (for Wednesday morning)
  • Recap and Update of Agenda
  • Testing: Using the Web Platform Test Environment (demonstration?)
  • Testing: Progress Creating JSON Schema(s) and Declarative Tests of Model/Vocab Features
  • Testing: Progress Creating Sets of Correct (done?) / Incorrect Annotations in JSON
  • (Break)
  • Testing: Creating Test Annotation Scenarios (?)
  • Testing: How to Test Protocol Specification
  • Testing: Schedule

Wednesday Afternoon
  • Scribe Selections (for Wednesday afternoon)
  • Recap and Update of Agenda
  • Testing: Creating a Recipe for Implementers Participating in Testing
  • Identifying and Encouraging Implementations
  • Notes (Potential): Status of Selectors Note (15 mins)
  • Notes (Potential): Options for Serializing Annotations in HTML (30 mins)
  • (Break)
  • Should we go to TPAC? (15 mins)
  • Notes (Potential): Signaling Preferences for Public Annotation
  • Other Work: FindText, Robust Anchoring, Other Client-Side API (10 mins each)
  • Other Work: Search and Notification, Supporting Footnotes (10 mins each)
  • Collaborations: Social WG, Privacy WG, DPub IG, ... (20 mins)
  • What's Next After September (15 mins)