XML+gzip Evaluation

This document evaluates XML, optionally compressed with gzip, with respect to the XML Binary Characterization Properties identified by the XML Binary Characterization Working Group. Some properties are accompanied by notes clarifying aspects of the evaluation or details of the property measurement.

Property XML+gzip Notes
MUST support
Directly Readable and Writable Yes The XML format itself satisfies this property, but naturally any generic compression applied to a file format requires creating the intermediate form first.
Transport Independence Yes
Compactness No XML and gzip cannot take advantage of schema information, so this format fails in the Schema and Both classes. By definition, it succeeds in the Document class and fails in the Neither class (due to the different requirements, in the Neither class, it would have to be smaller than itself).
Human Language Neutral Yes
Platform Neutrality Yes
Integratable into XML Stack Yes
Royalty Free Yes
Fragmentable Yes
Streamable Yes
Roundtrip Support Yes The equivalence is exact in both cases.
Generality No The measurement value is 10/20.
Schema Extensions and Deviations Yes
Format Version Identifier Yes Both XML and gzip include an identifier in the header.
Content Type Management Yes
Self Contained Yes
MUST NOT Prevent
Processing Efficiency Prevents
Small Footprint Does Not Prevent
Widespread Adoption Does Not Prevent Both XML and gzip have been widely adopted and included in many protocol standards.
Space Efficiency Prevents
Implementation Cost Does Not Prevent
Forward Compatibility Does Not Prevent