XProc Specification Errata


This document records all known errors in the XProc: An XML Pipeline Language; for updates see the latest version.

The errata are numbered, classified as Substantive or Editorial, and listed in reverse chronological order of their date of publication in each category. Changes to the text of the spec are indicated thus: deleted text, new text, modified text . Substantive corrections are proposed by the XML Processing Model Working Group, which has consensus that they are appropriate; they are not to be considered normative until approved by a Call for Review of Proposed Corrections or a Call for Review of an Edited Recommendation.

Please email error reports to public-xml-processing-model-comments@w3.org.

Substantive errata

None at this time.

Editorial errata

E01, 22 June 2010

Section Converting Response Entity Bodies

Make it clear that the final note only applies when no charset is specified by changing the text of the note as follows:

Given the above description, any content identified as text/html without specifying a Unicode character encoding will be encoded as (escaped) text or base64-encoded in the c:body element, as HTML isn't always well-formed XML. A user can attempt to convert such content into XML using the p:unescape-markup step.

E02, 22 June 2010

Section Managing the Response

Make it clear that “decoded if necessary” in bullet 1 of the last bulleted list applies to the content encoding by changing the text of the bullet as follows:

If the media type (as determined by the override-content-type attribute or the Content-Type response header) is an XML media type, the entity is decoded if necessary (if a Content-Encoding response header is present and specifies an encoding other than identity), then parsed as an XML document and produced on the result output port as the entire output of the step.

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