Implementation Report for XML 1.0 Third Edition

XML Core Working Group

30 October 2003


This document lists implementation feedback about XML 1.0 Third Edition implementations known by the XML Core Working Group at this time.

There are XML 1.0 Third Edition specific tests--along with other XML tests--available via the XML Test Suite page.


"RXP versions from 1.4.0pre9 pass all the tests for errta to the 2nd edition. RXP does not yet properly handle system identifiers containing non-ascii characters, as described in erratum E4 (this is not tested by the test suite). " See Richard Tobin's statement (Member only).

XML Apache Xerces2 Java

The version of Xerces2 Java to come after version 2.5.0 (already available through CVS) supports XML 1.0 Third Edition.

See the implementation report (Member only) sent by Glenn Marcy.


“Microsoft has examined the errata scheduled for publication as XML 1.0 third edition, analyzing these errata against previously shipped parsers as well as those under development.”

See the complete message (member only) sent by Jonathan Marsh.