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6.2 - Ensure that equivalents for dynamic content are updated when the dynamic content changes.

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Priority 1

Always make the source of a frame an HTML document

Access note: This simple example uses a table and an image to simulate the look of a page created with FRAME markup.

Picture of a house. menu

The accessible way to insert content into a frame is to make the frame's source an HTML file. In this case, source for the frame with the picture of the house should be:

Happy face: good choice!
<FRAME name="picture_frame" src="home.html">

where "home.html" should contain the following:

<IMG src="home.gif" alt="Picture of a house.">

Angry face: bad choice! If you make the frame's source the image file itself:

<FRAME name="picture_frame" src="home.gif">

then you can't provide a text equivalent for the image.

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