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1.2 - Provide redundant text links for each active region of a server-side image map.

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Priority 1

Server-side image maps (those using the ISMAP attribute in the IMG element) usually don't or can't provide any textual information about the links that are coded into them. If your server-side image map has hot-links to sections A, B, C, D and E of your site, then provide a text alternative on the page. For example, the code:

<A HREF="img/imgmap1.map">
<IMG ISMAP SRC="imgmap1.gif"
ALT="Please use the following links instead of this imagemap.">
[ <A HREF="a.htm">Section A</A> | <A HREF="b.htm">Section B</A> | <A HREF="c.htm">Section C</A> | <A HREF="d.htm">Section D</A> | <A HREF="e.htm">Section E</A> ]

produces the following server-side image map and text equivalent:

Please use the following links instead of this imagemap.
[ Section A | Section B | Section C | Section D | Section E ]

Note: the "alt" text you provide in the IMG element informs the users that a text equivalent exists -- but does not describe the image itself. If you want to describe the image map in detail, use "longdesc".

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