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1.1m - a text equivalent for audio tracks of video.

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Priority 1

A text equivalent for the audio track of a video would be similar to the textual transcript of the spoken voices recorded in an audio file. This can be either a synchronized text equivalent (as described in Checkpoint 1.3) - the preferred method, or a simple text file, as shown here:

Go long, way out.

Submitted for your consideration: the ball has been thrown, and you want to catch it. But how do you know where it will go so you can be there when it comes down?

One way is to use this formula.

It factors in velocity, acceleration and time to calculate the distance the ball will go. But then, you knew that. Your brain estimates all of these values in the first seconds of the ball's flight to calculate where you have to go to catch the ball.

This math equation helps us understand the physical world and how we function in it. Whether you do it on the board or on the field, they both work. So, next time you go out for that long pass, remember: Math is everywhere.

Math is everywhere!

See QuickTime instructions for the movie clip on which this transcript is based.

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