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13.10 - Provide a means to skip over multi-line ASCII art.

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Priority 3

As we pointed out way back in Checkpoint 1.1f, ASCII art can be very annoying to some users when they encounter it with screen readers. It is a very nice gesture to include a link that will allow those users to jump over your ASCII art masterpiece.

The following is an ASCII art picture of a bearded person wearing a hat.
(Skip over ASCII art.)

      WWWWW      WWWWW
        | \O/ \O/ |
        |    |    |
        \         /
         \  ---  /

The following code shows you one way to do this:

<a href="#post-art">skip over ASCII art picture</a> of a bearded person wearing a hat.
<!-- ASCII art goes here -->
<a name="post-art">First text of following main body...</a>

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