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13.4 - Use navigation mechanisms in a consistent manner.

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Priority 2

A consistent style of presentation on each page allows users to easily find navigation buttons between pages, as well as find the primary content for each page. While this helps make it easier for everyone, it especially benefits people with learning and reading disabilities. Making it easy to predict where the needed information is found on each page will increase the likelihood that it will be found.

In case you hadn't noticed, all of the slide sets in this curriculum share a common style, with the overall layout of navigation and content elements being very similar. However, each slide set (Introduction, Guidelines, Checkpoints and Examples) includes differing visual and textual clues to help you identify and remember which set you are currently browsing.

For example, the background color of the marginal space on the Example slides is a very light purple and the main heading contains the words "'Example for...", while Checkpoint slides have a light green background and the word "Checkpoint in each main heading, and so on.

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