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5. Create tables that transform gracefully.

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Ensure that tables have necessary markup to be transformed by accessible browsers and other user agents.

5.1 - For data tables, identify row and column headers.  Priority 1 

5.2 - For data tables that have two or more logical levels of row or column headers use markup to associate data cells and header cells.  Priority 1 

5.3 - Do not use tables for layout unless the table makes sense when linearized. Otherwise, if the table does not make sense, provide an alternative equivalent (which may be a linearized version).  Priority 2 

5.4 - If a table is used for layout, do not use any structural markup for the purpose of visual formatting.  Priority 2 

5.5 - Provide summaries for tables.  Priority 3 

5.6 - Provide abbreviations for header labels.  Priority 3 

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