Reviewing a Translation

Initial things to check

  1. The language codes are correct, per frontmatter.

  2. The information in the “About this translation” box is correct.

    • If translator or contributor names are missing, it’s because they are still commented out.
      Delete the hashmark and space (# ) before the lines.
    • Check the dates: one is the date of the translation; the other should usually match the date in the footer.
  3. In the footer, the dates are the same in the English version and the translated version.

  4. There is no code showing in the rendered page.

  5. All of the text that should be translated, is actually translated.

  6. The links work.

  7. Check the raw file to see if all alternative texts and other not-visible content are translated.

  8. In the “Help improve this page” box near the bottom, the “Fork and Edit” button works.

    If not, the fix is probably adding “content/” to the path in the front matter.

    For example:

  9. For any videos on the page, the [CC] defaults to the translated language.

    If not, some video subtitles steps are probably missing.

For people who know the translated language

The most important thing for review is helping accurately convey the meaning from the English version in the translated language. For that, you will need to read the English version and compare it to the translation. Often is best to have them open in side-by-side windows.

A technique for proof-reading is to listen to the translation being read aloud, for example with a screen reader or text-to-speech in the operating system.

Specific wording:

For people who do not know the translated language

You can still help with reviews by looking for things like:

You can also help find missing content or potential issues with the specific wording.

Suggestion: Compare three versions side-by-side:

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