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written 21 October 2014


Jan Richards

Success Criteria

5.1.2 Implement Accessibility Features of Content Specifications: Implement the accessibility features of content specifications. Accessibility features are those that are either (Level A):

  • Identified as such in the content specifications or
  • Allow authors to satisfy a requirement of WCAG 2.0
    Note 1: If a conformance claim is filed, cite the implemented specifications in the conformance claim.
    Note 2: When a rendering requirement of another specification contradicts a requirement of UAAG 2.0, the user agent may disregard the rendering requirement of the other specification and still satisfy this guideline.


Test Procedure 1

Note: The Web Content Technologies that are in scope for this test are those that will be included in any Conformance Claim. The user agent may also render other technologies that are excluded from the claim.

  1. Identify the included web technologies.
  2. Secure the specifications (e.g. HTML 4.01 Specification) and any accessibility-related supporting documents (e.g. WCAG 2.0 HTML Techniques) for the included web technologies.
  3. Compile a list of web technology accessibility features that are (1) called out as accessibility features in the specifications or (2) appear in the accessibility-related supporting documents.
  4. For each of the web technology accessibility features:
    • Check that the web technology accessibility feature is implemented (i.e. rendered) by the user agent.

Expected Results 1

  • Check #4 is true

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