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written 21 October 2014


Jan Richards

Success Criteria

SHOULD BE MOVED TO 1.8.X 3.3.1 Avoid Unpredictable Focus: The user can prevent focus changes that are not a result of explicit user request. (Level A)


Test Procedure 1

  1. Identify types of content that may shift focus unexpectedly.
  2. Open a test document that contains examples of these types of content (e.g. focus change on textbox enter, focus change on mouseover).
    Sample HTML test document: Unexpected focus changes
  3. Check for setting or other options that appear to be related to preventing unexpected focus changes (e.g. by exploring the UI or consulting Help documentation). If found, set these appropriately.
  4. For each example:
    • Check that the focus changes do not occur without explicit user request (e.g. an activating action such as pressing Enter, clicking the mouse or tapping)

Expected Results 1

  • Check #4 is true

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